Baggage policy of each airline differs. It depends on the destination and the type of travel you choose. United Airlines, the major airline of the United States headquartered at Wills Tower in Chicago, Illinois has baggage policy that can cater to the need and requirement of their customer. 

All customers of the United Airlines are advised to have a thorough reading of the baggage policy while making United Airlines reservations. Or, if they have any doubt or query, they are free to call the customer executive of the United Airlines any time. Their staff are available 24×7 to assist their customer and guide them through the baggage check-in procedure.

Carry-In Baggage Policy of the United Airlines

According to the United Airlines baggage policy, passengers are allowed to bring on board one full-size bag or personal item at no cost. However, it is important for the passengers to make sure that the carry-on baggage should not exceed the weight restricted by the airline. The items that the passengers will carry on board should be within size limits.

Checked Baggage Policy of the United Airlines

Passengers of the United Airlines can have one checked bag for free that too must be with this restricted weight limit. The best way to know the money you need to pay to the airline for a baggage exceeding the weight limit is check United Airlines’ baggage calculator. This will help you to check the baggage allowance for the route you are going to travel with this major American airline.

It is an important point to note that basic economy ticket holders for domestic or international flights on United Airlines are not allowed to carry any bag or personal item on board.

As per the baggage policy of the airline, if they want to carry a full-sized bag on board, they need to get their bag checked thoroughly before boarding the flight. Also, the passengers have to pay a certain amount of money for getting their carry-on bag checked by the staff along with the gate handling charge.


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