United Airlines Hubs (United Airlines)

United Airlines is a major airline of the United States and the world’s third-largest airline. The headquarter and the main hub of the United Airlines is at Chicago, Illinois. There are eight United Airlines hubs within the United States and its territories. This American airline has spread its eight hubs across six countries and 12 cities. 

Read on to know the name of the hubs where the United Airlines operate flights to domestic and international destinations. Below mentioned are the name of the eight hubs:


Chicago is the largest and main hub of the United Airlines. The airline operates multiple flights with nearly 36 million passengers through Chicago airport every year. 


The fourth largest hub of the United Airlines is Denver. It has been recorded that United operates fly approximately 25 million passengers to several destinations through Denver airport.

Los Angeles

United Airlines’ secondary hub is Los Angeles and also the gateway to Asia and Australia. Nearly 10 million passengers fly through Los Angeles airport every year.

San Francisco

It is the fifth largest hub of the United Airlines. Multiple United Airlines flights accommodate nearly 22 million passengers through San Francisco every year. 


This hub of the United Airlines is the gateway to the Pacific region. It is one of the major United airport locations with a record of accommodating 313,000 passengers through Guam airport.


United’s third largest hub is Newark. It is also considered as the primary for the New York city market. Nearly 28 million passenger fly through Newark airport every year.


Houston is the second largest hub of the United Airlines and also the primary hub for the Southern United States. This hub of United fly approximately 10 million passengers every year.


This hub of the United Airlines is the gateway to Europe. Nearly 14 million passengers fly through Washington airport every year.

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